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Dial-in Listeners and Attendance Credit

Hi - my company uses the attendance reports to give credit to those who log in to our webinars.  The problem that we are having is that people who dial-in via their phones without loading the app are not shown on the reports thus they do not receive credit.

Is there a way to identify people who dial-in to confirm that they did attend the webinar?

Re: Dial-in Listeners and Attendance Credit

Hi Sequoia,

Please take a look at this support article about managing unidentified callers.  This currently only applies to GoToMeeting and unfortunately not GoToWebinar.

Essentially, if a person only dials in, the system does not know who they are either as there is no connection to an endpoint software where a name would have been entered.  In GoToMeeting, you can see unidentified callers and rename them if you find out who they are, but that functionality is not in GoToWebinar at this time.  The best practice would be to encourage attendees to join from either a computer or one of the mobile apps so that they are able to input their information.


LogMeIn Manager

Re: Is there a way to track unidentified callers in GoToWebinar?

Hi Heather, sorry for the frustration.

With GoToWebinar only Panelists and Organizers are able to dial in unmuted, so this particular attendee must have been invited as one of those roles. Unfortunately, if a someone in either of these roles dials in and does not enter their individual PIN, it will not be possible to mute them via our software.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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