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GoToWebinar API Integration with PHP based LMS


  I currently have my very own PHP based learning management system, through which students takes go to webinar classes by providing them links through a authorization system such as login & password for each student. 


Since this system is doubling my work and there are issues such as if student may copy the link directly from address bar and send it to others, just like this it has various aspects as well,


What i am currently searching is an API from GoToWebinar though which i can integrate it with my PHP based learning management sytem.

What i want.

1. Teacher create sessions/webinar/meetings that are displayed to students 

2. Through GoToWebinar API Links and rooms are automatically published within LMS and teacher can take the class, without even accessing the admin of GoToWebinar

3. I want go to webinar within my address bar so that i can prevent users from even sharing the link


I know all of the things may not available, but even if i have 60-70% of these ill be good to go,

Main concern is for teacher to conduct class and student can take classes within my LMS, and teachers/Students dont have the access to recordings until i share with them through any other means.

I just want teachers to take class end, exit & sign out thats all

Lectures may be saved behind which can be accessible by only authorized personnals


Looking forward towards possible solutions



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Re: GoToWebinar API Integration with PHP based LMS


The entire list of GoToWebinar APIs can be found publicly here: