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Hosting a recorded Webinar

I am wanting to record a webinar and replay the webinar next year as a scheduled webinar.  I want to include polling questions and am not clear how that works sicne the first session will not actually have attendees.  Also, users will connect via phone and Voip.  I have used Goto Webinar for several years but have always had live classes, so I need some assistance.  I know my needs are pretty straightforward, but I cannot find any clear guidance on help site.



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Re: Webcast

Hi @Sheinen welcome to the Community! Breaking down your questions: 


  • For your needs, you should record a standard webinar and then create a recorded webinar.
  • Any polls or surveys that were created for the original webinars will also be launched in the Recorded webinar, without your needing to take any additional action. Even if you are not presenting the webinar to others, you can still launch the poll and it will be available for your recording. Poll responses will show up in analytics. 
  • After their session, you will be sent any questions submitted. 
  • Attendees can join a Recorded Webinar only via computer audio (VoIP) or mobile app, but not by phone. 


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