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New Contributor

Issues with Panellist joining

We had a Webinar yesterday with 10 Panellists and 5 attendees, but after 6 Panellists join the rest were added as attendees only. Even after rejoining the Panellists were added as attendees only.


For each webinar, can we have separate links for Panellists and Attendess

Respected Contributor

Re: Issues with Panellist joining

If you added the Panelist as a Panelist though the Dashboard before the webinar was started, then the Join link they got in an email should be a Panelist Join Link, and they should enter the webinar as a panelist.  Is it possible these folks ignored the Panelist Join Link and registered for the webinar as a regular Attendee?


BTW - I never do this.  I have had bad experiences with Panelists sharing their Join Link, thus enabling multiple people who should be Attendees to join the same webinar as Panelist.


I have all of my presenters join as an Attendee, then within the webinar, I promote them to be a Panelist.  This works best for me.