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Only WEB

Hello, do you have such a problem?
when starting webinars, I press join the webinar from the received email confirming registration and the user pops up with a message that he needs to register again? 

normally the user loads the application without entering any e-mail or password.

the second problem appeared today, i.e. on 01/12/2021, users could not connect to the normal application and could only launch the application via a browser. The following message was popping up. (polish 
announcement). Please help.


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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Only WEB

Hi @konferencja 

The behavior where GoTo requests registration after clicking a join link can often indicate they have security involved, such as a local firewall or browser cookie blockade.  Have you tested this join link from any other devices at the problem location? 

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Re: Only WEB

such behavior had a dozen people from different parts of the world. 90% of conference participants connected via a browser, ie about 100 people