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Pre-Scheduling Practice Sessions with Presenters

Obviously we are able to host a practice session and start it at any time, but I would like to schedule a practice session in advance with presenters. For instance, sending a calendar invite with a link to join the practice session. Is there a way to send a link that is directly connected to the practice session? 


The only links under the 'share' section for the event seem to be directing people to register.

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Re: Pre-Scheduling Practice Sessions with Presenters

This solution may not be what you are looking for, but for our webinars, we schedule three (3) "dry runs" for all parties involved in the session's delivery. This works well for us, even though it may not work for someone else. I hope this idea helps.

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Re: Pre-Scheduling Practice Sessions with Presenters

@MM2024 Welcome to the GoTo Community 

@SDenis_2 thanks for your input here, your suggestion is along the lines of what I'm thinking. 

There isn't a formal way to schedule a practice, but once you add your panelists and co-organizers, they automatically receive a link to join the presentation. If you schedule a practice session and tell them to use the link sent previously, once you start a practice session they will be able to join. 

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