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Recorded events - avoid end time


We want to make some of our live webinars available for reviewing afterwards as a recorded event (so we can keep track of who and how many times the recording has been viewed). Problem is that you have to set an end-time, and that you cannot choose an end time like in over a year; it is possible to keep it for a couple of months, but not longer. Problem with this is that after the deadline, I suppose that the link will not work anymore as the event will not be available anymore. How can we solve this, so that interested people will be able to use one link for the recorded event now and in a year (or later), instead of having to create a new link every couple of months? 


Thank you in advance. 




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Recorded events - avoid end time

Hi Sofie,

If you're using Cloud Recording and attaching this to the webinar post-broadcast (the default behavior currently), then the registration link will remain active for 1 year and lead all late attendees to the recorded session. 


If you are instead using the cloud recording link itself or GoToStage then there is currently no expiration date for these.