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Registration page POST (after) the event - how long active

I am unable to find out how long after my event has taken place (completed or what they call Past Events), the address associated with the event will stay active?


That might seem like a strange question, but I have a legal requirement to keep that page up (or to continue to use that URL)  and available for 2 weeks after my event.


I'll need to change the information on that page post event as well, is there a restriction on that or just edit as normal, as you would before the event took place. 


Thank you.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Registration page POST (after) the event - how long active

@Scott_Brown_LSM  The way it works currently, your original registration link should last at least 1 year when it is linked to a cloud recording of the live broadcast.  New registrants will be taken to the recording after completing all the required questions (assuming you have the event set for automatic approval).