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U.S. Federal agency vetting/approval of GTW platform?

I received a request from a U.S federal agency about the security of the GTW application; here's their question:


"I'm looking for an IT POC who our IT team can speak with regarding the website we use for training and reservations. The site is currently blocked to us and apparently not DoD approved, so I've put in a waiver request. Our IT experts would like to talk to the right folks at GTW/LogMeIn to confirm how GTW is protected."


Does anyone know of another U.S. federal agency that has reviewed/vetted/approved GTW for use on its agency network? 

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Re: U.S. Federal agency vetting/approval of GTW platform?


I'll ask around for the request of other US agencies.  In the meantime, does this document help answer some questions? 


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