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Active Contributor

limit timeframe for registration

on a regular basis I'm receiving from my G2W license holders the following 2 questions:


1) is it possible to limit a registration for a Webinar?

example: Webinar is scheduled for July 30th, but it is wanted, the registration becomes inactive one week before

2) is still no bulk registration "coming soon" without API or 3rd Party solution mandatory to utilise?
We want to take away the registration component from our Customers that confirmed to us they want to receive invitations from our Company and so only need to Join link

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: limit timeframe for registration

@Tho-Mas  There is currently no 'time/date' registration limitation, though you can change an event to 'upon approval' when you're ready to stop accepting new attendees, and then confirm all those who registered beforehand.  


Importing registrant lists without API integration is coming very soon, still a few months away last I heard.