GoToWebinar Desktop App (v8.27.0, b8789) Release Notes

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GoToWebinar Desktop App (v8.27.0, b8789) Release Notes

LogMeIn Contributor

This release includes platform and audio upgrades as well as other improvements and bug fixes. Read on to learn more!



  • Platform (v2017.4.1) and Audio Engine (v1.19.0) upgrade
  • Welcome Mat updated to GoToMeeting v9

  • Fix for missing audio meter in Preferences
  • Fix for app crashing when stopping screensharing on Mac
  • Additional fixes and changes

Rollout plan:

  • Users were previously rolled back from v8.26.0, b8679 to v8.27.0, b8625 due to backend issues. This build was deployed to customers beginning May 15 and ends May 23, 2018.

What's New?

Platform (v2017.4.1) and Audio Engine (v1.19.0) Upgrade

  • Upgrades have been made to the desktop platform and Voice Audio Engine, which provides overall improvements and bug fixes including:
    • Fix for app intermittently crashing on Windows

Welcome Mat Updated to GoToMeeting v9

  • Messenger has been renamed to GoToMeeting v9! The Welcome Mat has been updated to reflect this change. When users install or open the GoToMeeting v9 app from the Welcome Mat, they will experience different flows depending on the download status. 
    • When new users launch the app for the first time, they will download the Messenger app and be prompted with an update to GoToMeeting v9.
    • When users who already have Messenger launch the app, they will be prompted with an update to GoToMeeting v9.
    • When users who have already updated to GoToMeeting v9 launch the app, GoToMeeting v9 will open.endpoint8270_welcomemat.png


Bug Fixes & Minor Changes:

Fix for Missing Audio Meter in Preferences

  • Previously, the Microphone meter in the Audio Preferences window was missing. Now, the meter will turn green when the microphone is active and in use. 

Fix for App Crashing when Stopping Screensharing on Mac

  • Previously, the app intermittently crashed when Mac users stopped screensharing. Now, the app will continue to run properly after screensharing is stopped. 

Additional bug fixes & minor changes:

  • Fix for Phone call users who entered the Access Code and PIN appearing as connected even after leaving the meeting 
  • Fix for app intermittently crashing when users removed an audio device while waiting in the Hallway ("Waiting for organizer" screen)
  • Fix for the Preview app not showing up as a thumbnail in the Mac "Share my screen" window or under "Just a Window" in the Share drop-down menu
  • Fix for the German "Meeting full" warning message being truncated 
  • Fix for app intermittently hanging due to backend reasons 
  • The Feedback survey will launch at the end of every 4th session or after 30 inactive days 
  • Users will no longer see "Caller XX" in the Attendee list when there are no "intruders" 
  • Fix for app crashing when Mac organizers shared a video for a second time after switching from screen sharing to video sharing 
  • Fix for users seeing an incorrect audio state when switching from VoIP to PSTN 
  • Fix for the "Share my screen" window dismissing itself when Windows organizers opened it a second time to begin sharing another screen or application 
  • Fix for Mac presenters getting stuck in Drawing Tools and forced to use the Escape key as a workaround 
  • Fix for Saudi Arabia country flag and name missing in the toll-free audio drop-down list 
  • Fix for the Windows app launching attendees via the Web App and the "Join" window remaining open 
  • The "Feedback" checkbox will now only appear on the last window of the "Leave or End Meeting" flow 
  • Cosmetic improvements to the Webcam screen in the Mac Preferences window