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LogMeIn Anti-virus blocking IP cameras

We are having an issue with our IP camera system.  The problem is that the camera software often shows that the cameras go offline.  After some extensive testing, we found the only way to resolve this issue is to disable both the Anti-phising and Traffic Scan under Content Control in the LogMeIn Anti-Virus Policy.  We have to disable both the Anti-phishing and Traffic Scan.  We tried disabling one and not the other; Disable Anti-phishng but not Traffic Scan and vice versa.  This did not work.   We have to disabled both the Anti-phishing and Traffic Scans Prior to get the camera system to work.   We tried adding an exception for each camera's IP.  This did not work.  The camera software accesses a camera's video stream via RTSP.  So adding a cameras IP via http://cameraIP (port 80) does not work.  We are unable to add rtsp://cameraIP as we receive an "invalid URL" message.  Is there a way to add an exception for an RTSP stream?  Anything else we can try to get the camera system to work with the Anti-phishing and Traffic Scans?  Thanks.