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Cant uninstall and reinstall hamachi

Hello Guys I really need your help,

so few days ago I updated from Win8.1 to Win10 and after that I accidently formated my HDD instead of Formating the SSD. Today for some reason my PC didnt work so I had the option to go back to the last saved Point my PC worked. That saved point was before I formated my HDD. So I think all the things that were deleted in Regedit came back.


Now my problem with hamachi. When i try to install hamachi again it tells me to delete the other Version of hamach via Program and features. The thing is that there is no Hamachi there. I tried to delete everything manually in Regedit and it didnt do anything. I also used CCleaner to clean my PC and to remove Regedit errors. 


Nothing worked and i Googled the Problem. I found people using msfix to fix the issue but i also couldnt find Hamachi on there. I tried revo uninstaller and still nothing. So now I need your guys Help. I really wanna play LOTR with my friends via LAN but i cant because of this issue.



PS: Im sorry for my english if you have Problems understanding anything tell me.

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Re: Cant uninstall and reinstall hamachi

Im having a similar problem, it says i need a disc to uninstall the programm and then it says that the path cant be found, i also cant find LogMeIn Hamachi on my PC anymore. Also, if i try to install it again it says it has found an old version and that i need a disc to update LogMeIn Hamachi...2019-10-20.png2019-10-20 (1).png2019-10-20 (2).png