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Hamachi unstable - keeps reconnecting

Hi Guys


I am having an issue where Hamachi is constantly dropping connection.


This is happening accross all my machines, irrespective of connectivity type (DSL, Fiber, Wireless etc) or OS

Service stays on for 30 seconds to abouth 5 minures and then drops and has to resync and connect.


I have checked and all machines are running latest version of Hamachi. - most machines are running Win7 with all updates - about 6 of the 200 odd are on Win10.


Tried reboot, reinstall, all the usual tricks - Any other suggestions??

New Contributor

Re: Hamachi unstable - keeps reconnecting

Having the same problem here
Active Contributor

Re: Hamachi unstable - keeps reconnecting

Check to make sure the hamachi interface metric didn’t get changed to automatic