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New Contributor

Intermittent Timeout when Pinging External Network IP

Hi All,


A friend of mine and I have been using Hamachi for quite a while, and while we've gone through all the standard issues that Hamachi tends to have, we've come accross a slightly more odd one recently. This issue is presented in the form of a steady connection, with the occasional timeout. 


It's most obvious when playing certain games, but just pinging from a blank desktop still shows the odd timeout here and there. I would assume that both of our firewalls are fine and open to Hamachi (we've had to do other fixes in the past and disabled the Firewalls for it), so I'm not sure what else to do to ensure a steadier connection.


If anybody has any ideas on how to fix this issue, it'd be much appreciated, as it's really quite annoying.


Thanks much,