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Network Full Error - Web Console Shows 2/5 slots Free



I'm having an issue with a network I setup for a customer.  They are on the free tier with 3/5 slots used.


They had installed the Hamachi software on another laptop bringing them up to a total of 4 machines.  This laptop soon had some unrelated problems and was not being used.  A new laptop was purchased and Hamachi was installed and connected, but due to an install error the computer was added to the network but couldn't access the network itself.  This brought the network up to 5/5.  


I removed the old laptop and the new laptop from the network and their Web Console shows the network has 2 slots available.  However, after completely uninstalling the Hamachi software from the laptops, re-installing on the new laptop and attempting to connect I get an error message that reads: "Error: This network appears to be full".


Anyone else experienced this before? Is this just a time delay issue with the servers syncing up and should self-resolve after about 24 hours?  I attempted to call the LogMeIn support line twice and sat on hold listening to a dial tone for close 45 minutes both times.