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New Contributor

Occasional lost packets/timed out

So this issue isn't one I can seem to find on Google or anything as it's a all or nothing type of deal there. My issue is that when I use Hamachi I have a couple people connected to me to play Minecraft. One friend has zero issues whatsoever, but my girlfriend, who is sitting right next to me has issues STAYING connected. She would ping me and every so often there are bouts of lost packets that would cause her to disconnect whereas my other friend is doing just fine. I had her try connecting though a LAN connection for Minecraft and it still does it.


This confuses me greatly as I'm not sure where the issue lies. If I shut off my firewall, the issue persists. Shut off hers and same thing. Both firewalls on and once again it's the same issue. Going off that, I ASSUME it's the router, but I fail to see how or where because the friend who isn't even in the same state is able to connect but my girlfriend who is in the same house can't stay connected whether going through Wireless LAN or Hamachi.