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Ping Request Timed out

I know there are a lot of topics like this now and I can't seem to find a proper solution for my problem. I can play minecraft with our 2 laptops and a computer (Windows 8) but after resetting the 2 laptops, we can't play anymore. Note that the computer is still working fine and it didn't undergo any changes. I'm using my own laptop.


ALL of us can't ping each other but we can ping our own.


This post might help me. I just don't know how to because it has different settings with windows 8.

I think making Hamachi my home network might work too, I don't know how either. The computer has hamachi on public so I think it won't be a problem.


The other laptop can see my server but it can't connect. It says something like connection timed out. The computer can't see my server though.


I really think the computer doesn't have any problems 'cause it didn't had any problems before.

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

Bump. Still got nothing.

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

Okay.. I've already tried:


1. Setting my firewalls off. 

2. Change hamachi from public -> private

3. Resetting my laptop

4. Excepting hamachi in firewall

5. This

6. Chatting using hamachi - works

7. This also

8. Something to do with hosts file

9. His own solution didn't work for me.

10. I asked my friend from a different place (like 1km apart) to ping me, request timed out

11. I also asked my friend to ping my external IP address and you know what happened? Bingo! Request timed out.


Things I haven't tried:


1. I don't know how to do this using Windows 8.


I think my problem has something to do with our IP. Our minecraft worked before resetting my laptop though. I'm totally confused right now and I'm about to wreck stuffs.




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Re: Ping Request Timed out

I'm a network engineer and I have a pretty good idea of what is happening to you because the same thing was happening to me.  I just downloaded this application not too long ago and I'm surprised that it was designed the way it was.  What is likely happening is you probably have multiple default gateways.  This is how it was set up for me by default.  You can't have multiple default gateways in your routing table because your PC will not always choose the same path for your default route to the internet ( /0).  What ends up happening is your PC is deciding to use the Hamachi adapter as the default route to get to the internet, which won't work as your Hamachi network doesn't have a path to the internetIn order to verify this, do the following:


Open command prompt - Start menu -> cmd.exe

type this command:  route print


You will see all the routes your PC has.  The only route you really care about is /0.  This is the path your PC will take to get to the internet.  If you have more than one entry for /0, your PC will not always choose the correct path (your hamachi network does not have a path to the internet).  


Look for the following route in your PC's routing table.  If you see a route with this gateway IP address, then this is the cause of your problem.


Network Destination Netmask     Gateway      Interface Metric           9000


In order to fix this, simply go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings

Right Click the Hamachi Adapter and click Properties

Click Internet Protocol version 4 and click Properties

Delete the default gateway


The only problem you might run into after doing this is that your Hamachi Adapter's IP address won't be automatically assigned anymore so everyone on the Hamachi Network will have to manually set their IP address to avoid an IP address conflict.  But hopefully after the developers read this, they will fix it so the average user doesn't need to do this.


[tech gibberish for the developers]

For the life of me I can't fathom why DHCP gives you default gateway on a mesh network.  Your PC will be able to communicate with all other hosts on your Hamachi network via arp.  You don't need to route in order to use Hamachi for a LAN over the internet, therefore you do not need a default gateway.  Anyone that would want to use Hamachi for purposes other than to extend layer 2 connectivity over the internet would likely know what they are doing and be able to configure the default gateway themselves.  Average users will not understand why it isn't working.  Hence the several posts my friends found googling this problem before they asked me for help.  It still seems that nobody has really tackled this problem after several years of it being reported.  I saw some pretty scary workarounds people were doing to fix this.


A mesh network does not need a default gateway.  Please change your application's DHCP service to not assign a default gateway in a mesh network.  Or at least include an option to modify DHCP settings.

[/tech gibberish for the developers]


Hopefully my solution can be of use.  Please spread this solution around.  It's about time people were able to fix this problem.  I found posts from several years ago and nobody seems to have given those folks an answer.

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

Thank you for this solution. I think this isn't the problem.


In my cmd, I saw this:


Network Destinatiton         Netmask             Gateway                   Interface                   Metric                                     25


Also, in properties of Internet Protocol version 4, my default gateway is already blank.



Anyways, I would like to update my problem now.

My laptop: Can ping other laptop but not computer

Other laptop: Can't ping my laptop and computer

Computer: Can ping other laptop but not my laptop


It seems that the IP of the other laptop is working fine and I don't know how it did that. We just reformatted our laptops (wipe out files and reinstall windows) on different days.


I can can see the LAN server of the other laptop and I can connect to it with no problems. But the computer can't see the LAN server of the other laptop and it can't connect using Direct connect/Add server. It says something like "failed to login, invalid session. Try restarting your game". Restarting didn't work.


To play together, we joined a server of other people. It worked fine but I really want to play just the 3 of us in a LAN world.


Any other solutions?

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

Check persistent routes as well. Make sure you don't have the network with a gateway of

Also, when you see the other people connected in Hamachi and mouseover them, do you see do you see direct tunnel for them or something different?


Please copy and paste the route you have for the network.  I am curious to see what you have for this route.

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

Here is the picture for the route print.


I see direct tunnel on both of them.

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

I would try changing the metric for your Hamachi adapter.  In your picture, the metric is set to 257.  Mine was set to 9000.  To do this:


Go to Network and Sharing Center

Change Adapter Settings

Right Click Hamachi Adapter and click Properties

Click Internet Protocol version 4 and click Properties

Click Advance

Set the metric to 9000



Pretty sure this should fix it as if you look at the routes you have for the network, as well as the network, your Hamachi adapter has a lower Metric than your Physical connection.  This means that whenever your PC sends a multicast or a broadcast, it will try to use the Hamachi adapter instead of your physical connection.

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

I checked the computer's ping this morning and I'm surprised that for some reason, I can see the ping of it. I applied your solution and unfortunately my ping is still absent. My laptop is the only one left that can't be pinged now.

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Re: Ping Request Timed out

I can confirm that deleting the default gateway from my Hamachi adapter solved the very annoying issue for me. Thanks.