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REALLY FRUSTRATING - Need help setting up gateway - ubuntu



I'm really not getting something:  When trying to set up an ubuntu system as a gateway I keep running into "not a gateway" messages.  


I run:  hamachi gw-config xxx-xxx-xxx dhcp   


The host is already on the xxx-xxx-xxx network id and is a functional member. 


I have no idea what "not a gateway" is telling me.  I also tried with static and about a million variations.   I have tried this on several different nodes and get the same result which is telling me that I'm not doing this correctly.  What I really want is to create a 'gateway' bubble on my nodes so that I can check it on the Hamachi network web interface.  How does this go?  


ALSO! - where is documentation on this process? I can't seem to find much of anything.   ???  Thanks in advance. 

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Re: REALLY FRUSTRATING - Need help setting up gateway - ubuntu



could you solve the problem?


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