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[REQUEST] Hamachi for Linux ARM64 processors

Hello! I have a little SBC called Pine 64 that mounts an Allwinner A64 arm chip, and its architecture is ARM64.

You currently have beta versions for ARMEL and ARMHF in your Linux page, but none of them are compatible when trying to install the Deb file.

So, as ARM64 is becoming more common as time passes, I'd kindly request builds for this architecture.

New Contributor

I want to second this request - I have a 2 GHz ODROID HC1 running a Samsung Exynos 5422 with arm64 architecture and I'd like to use it as a NAS on my Hamachi network.


I tried to get the armhf version working by installing lib32stdc++6 and other supporting libraries to no avail. A recompile for arm64 would be greatly appreciated, especially for those who have arm64 SBCs. Thank you!

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Resolved, if anyone else has this problem, this article takes care of it:

I just needed to do a tiny bit more searching.

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Solved it for me - great!
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I think you misundrestood the point of this thread, this is the request for hamachi to support ARM64 architecture. But you gave link, to some problem with armhf architecture. Those two are different, and I don't get, how thread, that you pinned in your comment would resolve this issue.
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Im looking into , buying an arm64 server.
Rpi4 or ie rpi4 carrier boards , with gentoo.. for security testing.. with pentoo tools... arm64..

Bad news is compiler times.. however droping 2k on an 48 core Arm64 server or 80 core arm64 server boad , is soon to be a forgone conclusion..
For packing distribution binhost, and syncing to web.

Id likewise welcome arm64 vesion