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New Contributor

Slow internet speeds after installing Hamachi

I've been having this issue for so long now! For some reason, my internet is blazing fast until I install Hamachi. Certain website downloads are affected but others aren't. for instance, downloading a zip file from "" WITHOUT Hamachi shows 3 minutes left. AFTER installing Hamachi, that same file now says 20 Minutes.... Same issue happens with Microsoft's download servers, when trying to download the Windows 10 iso, Hamachi just DESTROYS the download speed when my internet is more than capable of downloading large files quickly!


Even uninstalling Hamachi leaves the same affect, almost like there's something left in the system that causes this, registry data maybe? Any pointers?

New Contributor

This realy Fix. Thanks guys. I never gonna install this again. 2022 and the guy who open server dont know how enable DMZ
New Contributor

very late reply, but this is how to fix it:

1. uninstall hamachi using the uninstaller that it has.
2. press Win + R and something should pop up on the bottom left of your screen

3. type in ctfmon.exe and hit enter.
4. restart your computer and redo step 2 and it will be fixed.