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Re: I sloved this problem.

This. Thank you sir, you have been most useful.

I just registered to thank you haha.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

Did the W10 b10162 this morning. 


Was hoping that this would be seamless as far as Hamachi goes, but it was not working after the final setup of the new build.


I tried uninstalling Hamachi, followed by a reboot, and then reinstalled Hamachi 328 with the forced install of the 2-17-2015 driver. Noticed that there was virtually no pause when the Hamachi installer got to the part of the process where it installs the network driver. In fact, it zipped past just as I hit Install on the 2-17-2015 INF file. When Hamachi started, there was no network driver installed.


So, I ended up uninstalling, rebooting, and then doing the regedit.ext routine (after turning on Restore and creaing a restore point). For whatever reason, there were no LMIGuardian references in the registry. It took me three complete passes through the registry to kill all the "hamachi" references it could find. When finished with this step, I rebooted, and then reinstalled Hamachi 328. There was roughly a 15-second pause while it attempted to install the network driver, leaving me plenty of time to force install the 2-17-2015 driver.


When Hamachi started, everything worked as it should. 


This is getting easier (for me, at least).

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing


I just wanted to throw in something little Smiley Happy

I've got Hamachi .258 installed on b10130 (im in germany i dont get b10162 yet)

The method i used was somewhat the one you described in post #78.

Here's the process I followed to get there.

* First, I uninstalled Hamachi. I did leave my configuration settings when I did the install, largely by accident. I thought about going back and trying to nuke those as well, but I figured my next step would probably take care of it anyway.

* Second, I fired up the Windows tool regedit.exe. I searched for "Hamachi" and I then proceded to delete every reference to hamachi that appeared in the registry. Note that I ended up doing three separate passes, meaning that when the registry editor informed me that it had found all references, I returned to the very top of the registry and did another pass. This turned up additional registry keys for Hamachi, as did a third pass. I think the reason this happened is that whenever you delete a registry entry or key, the cursor advances to the next key and sometimes this may have been a Hamachi key (and because the cursor was already on it, the find function moved to the next one).

In total, I would say there were in excess of 50 "hamachi" references in the registry.

* Third, I did exactly the same process for lmiguardian. I'm not even sure what this does, but I noticed it as one of the running Hamachi processes in the Task Manager, so I figured those should be elminated, too. There were only two or three references to this executable.

* Fourth, I rebooted. Some may say that this is an unnecessary step, but it can't hurt.

* Fifth, I reinstalled Hamachi 319, and when it began to install the network drivers, I right-clicked on my hamachi.drv file I have on my desktop and clicked Install, and then I received confirmation that the "operation completed successfully."

* Sixth, before starting Hamachi, I disconnected my Ethernet cable, as I wanted to ensure that Hamachi did not do an automatic upgrade. As it happens, when I started Hamachi and checked the update entry in Preferences, it was NOT checked. So, I plugged the network cable back in and checked to see if the adapter was showing in the adapter listings under the Network and Sharing Center. It was -- success!

 The things different for me: I found only about 10 to 20 entrys in the registry.

I didnt reboot.

I didnt disconnect my Ethernet Cable, no Auto-Update ocurred.

 I waited for Hamachi to start the Install, and as soon as it created the Install folder, i jumped inside of it an rightclick-installed hamadrv.inf 3 times and then hamachi.inf three times Soon after that, the Installer finished, and this showed up in the adapter list ( and with this in Hamachi itself ( Now the wating for b10162 begins...





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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

A little Update: Just restarted my pc a minute ago,

and Hamachi did an update.... Smiley Mad Smiley Frustrated

If my method worked for someone,


I tried the method again, it worked the 5th time around.

I left the ethernet cable plugged in while hamachi was installing, but as soon as hamachi started up and said updating i disabled my ethernet adapter in the adapter list.

i disabled auto-updates in the settings and enabled the adapter again.

it worked. I logged in to my account, joined the network and no yellow triangle saying that there was a problem with my vpn or something. Smiley Happy

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

There's a way to do make hamachi working on Win 10...


1. Uninstall hamachi

2. Download version

3. Install it WITHOUT ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION so it won't update to lastest version

4. Restart your device (not necessary but recommended)

5. Voilâ!!! your hamachi is ready for the tasks Smiley Happy 

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

Just finished installing the newest Windows 10 -- build 10016.


This is the first Windows build where Hamachi survived the update. No intervention was required. Not sure, but I may be coining a phrase here -- it just worked. Smiley Happy


I hope your upgrade when it comes goes as smoothly. 

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

Whoops. Had the wrong W10 build number in my previous note. It should be build 10166.


FYI -- Paul Thurrott is reporting that MS insiders tell him today was the day targeted for the release of the RTM of Windows 10, but this build is not RTM. If true, we must be very near the end of the pre-release builds.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

*** Important ***


On Friday I turned in a ticket to LogMeIn asking when Hamachi was going to be supported and working with Windows 10.  The response was that there would be a new working version by the time Windows 10 is officially released (slated for July 29th). 


For testing I have several computers running windows 10


I am running Windows 10 build 10166 on one of my pc's. with the dreaded Hamachi with the adapter problem that we are all having.


I was running Hamachi version


I did a check for updates this morning and there is a new version


I figured what the heck so I installed it.


Hamachi is now working like it is supposed to.



I thought I would double check to make sure so I did the same thing on different pc (still running build 10166) and got the same result.  It appears if Hamachi is now fixed.



To be safe I did a new install (Hamachi was not ever installed previously) on a laptop running build 10166.  Hamachi installed with no issues and works fine.




I believe that for now at least LogMeIn has resolved the issue with the new version release 

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing



The Hamachi client can now be used on computers running Windows 10.  Please update to the latest version, Please see the release notes, available here:


LogMeIn Hamachi for Windows








M_LMI is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

Nope. Still not working.