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"network does not exist" error

Hi, I'm trying to use the free version of hamachi to connect 4 computers at two locations into a virtual lan.


I have installed hamachi on two machines here on my local network, and I tried creating a mesh network and a hub and spoke network and inviting the colleague at the other location.  He clicks the download link and installs, but then when he goes to "my network" it doesn't see the created network.


In my deployments page it doesn't see that he's installed either?


when we tries to select join network and enters the network ID and password he just gets an error "this network does not exist"


All machines are mac os x, 10.6.8 or Lion  What are we doing wrong?

New Contributor

Re: "network does not exist" error

ok, we got it working by creating a network from the client directly, not through the webpage.  as we wanted a mesh network anyway thats ok for now.


Anyone know why when creating a network from the webpage I get "network does not exist" errors?

Retired LogMeIn Contributor pz
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: "network does not exist" error

Did you use the xxx-xxx-xxx id of the web-created network to join from the client?

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Re: "network does not exist" error

I'm having this same issue (Or rather, my friend who is trying to connect to hamachi is). We're using the 9 digit code and a password I created. Whenever she tries to join the existing network, the error "Error. Network does not exist" pops up.