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vpn on android

good morning i have create a vpn with hamachi ... i have a vpn on android phone and a vpn on my computer in the same hamachy network .... but i see that with android i can't navigate on internet when i turn on the vpn while with pc is possible .....


why ? how can i navigate with android when i turn on vpn ?

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Re: vpn on android

Dude how you make Hamachi work on an Android Device? I want to know, can you help me?

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Re: vpn on android



Gonarch could you clarify what you mean a little? If you mean that you are unable to browse the internet while Hamachi is turned on please follow the steps found here.


Anthelon if you're trying to deploy Hamachi to a mobile device please go to and then My Networks > Add Client > "Add mobile client"





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Re: vpn on android

How can we run a mobile recorder with vpn on Android?