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New Contributor

2 Monitors - Diff res. - LogMeIn will not go full screen on 2nd monitor (1080 / 1440)

Hello everyone,
I am helping out my wife who's work is using LogMeIn for remote access into their office.

At home she has 2 monitors
1 - 24" 1080;p
1 - 27" benQ 1440p monitor.

We have her set up with 2 separate screen sessions, she has 2 monitors at work.

The issue is, the 24" 1080 screen can open full screen and looks fine. But the 1440p monitor, only goes up to 1920 x 1080 res and leaves a large black border around it.

Is this is a limitation of LogMeIn? Can it not scale 2 different resolutions or is it a limit of the "source" computer screen resolutions?

I was planning to buy her a 2nd matching 1440p monitor, but if LogMeIn wont scale to use real point.

Appreciate the help.