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New Contributor

Account access denied

How are pro users expected to resolve issues when they have been prevented access due to the authenticator app not functioning?  Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to talk to a human as I'm in a dire situation?


I was denied access to me account on 03 July 2021.  The incident happened as I attempted to use the authenticator app, which continually failed.  I was able to raise an incident no.15629013 but the machine I used to raise that on then required verification and so was locked also.


I have now contacted support via email several times and had only one response which was to confirm details of my account.  I was initially happy with this but have since heard nothing.  I am very stressed as I cannot access critical records required for work.  I have lost credibility from my line manager and missed project delivery dates as I cannot access the server details I stored on secure notes.  This is what I get for four years of PRO use.


I cannot believe that LogMeIn can operate such a ludicrously compromising service for paid customers.  This whole experience has convinced me that LogMeIn are not a credible enterprise and I will not be using them going forward.  However, for now I desperately require access to my property. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Account access denied

Hi @PaulWyatt 

I am sorry for all the trouble you've been going through lately. 


You mentioned an authenticator app and 'secure notes'.  Was this inquiry mainly about LastPass, or are you just using Pro to remotely connect to a computer network?