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Auto Restart Host Service via Windows Scheduler

I have a situation where two of my clients periodically drop off. Sometimes, this is caused by a user running software that kills the LogMeIn host process. I would like a simple way to proactively address this by periodically scheduling the Windows Scheduler to run the host service. (This is LogMeIn Pro)

There was a topic similar to my question at the link below. I’m not a coder, so I’m looking for a solution that I can add to scheduler along with any command switches, as applicable. I don’t want to duplicate processes, just to run it so if it’s not active, it will be activated. The client service is not installed on these hosts.
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Re: Auto Restart Host Service via Windows Scheduler

Hi @Dan-in-VA 

Welcome to the community. 


I'm sorry I don't know of any way to manually schedule those hosts that go offline to restart LogMeIn, but have you considered setting those hosts up for more frequent reboots? 


Is LMI going offline there multiple times per day?  If not, then scheduling a periodic reboot might help keep you connected more regularly. 

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Re: Auto Restart Host Service via Windows Scheduler

This was my original idea, restarting, and I know how to schedule a restart. However, it’s a draconian approach. If I can simply make the process restart, it would achieves the same end with no impact.