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Can not display Revit in when NOT in HD color quality



I have a Windows 10 PC at work hooked up to a 4K Display. I am currently trying to connect to it at home. I have tried on both my Windows 10  desktop and laptop, which both have 4K displays but I am having the same problem on both. 


When I log in, if the color quality is in HD I get a black screen, which seems to be a common problem in these forums. When I lower the color quality everything displays, BUT the one program I need to use.  Revit, a 3D CAD Software, will boot up and open files, but only the interface will show and not any of the content I need to work on. the workspace is blank.


  • I have unchecked "Use display accelerator" recommended here: 
  • I brought my laptop to work yesterday to try remote logging in. It worked and let me use HD color quality and displayed Revit fine. IT in our main office was also able to log in with no issues. Because of this I know it's a problem with HD and not being on the office wifi/network. 


Please help me!!! I need to work from home today and we have a deadline fast approaching so every hour counts. Thanks!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can not display Revit in when NOT in HD color quality

@annaswai   Sorry for the conflict there. 


Would you be able to temporarily lower the quality on the physical display there, through the system preferences?