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Feature Request: - resume file transfer

Hello - I'm posting here as it seems there is no dedicated discussion thread for feature requests.


I started a 200GB download file estimated to take ~48 hours.  My connection was interrupted a short while ago having only completed around half the task.  I restarted the transfer and was prompted to overwrite or skip.  There was no option to resume.  File transfer functionality has been around for decades.  "Resume Transfer" has long been accepted as standard and expected functionality.  Yet, LMI Pro doesn't seem to have it.  I did call support who confirmed there was no resume.  Just prior to writing this message, I selected "Overwrite".  It's already 8% complete (18GB).  At this rate, it would be done in another hour or two.  I suspect it actually is resuming transfer and verifying what's there, but there is no clear messaging to that effect.  What's up?

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Re: Feature Request: - resume file transfer

Thanks for the enhancement idea @dsmall59715 !   I will bring this up with the dev team for a review.