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Re: Delete my account

Me as well, a friend told me about it I did not like it so please do so.
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Delete my account

Hello there,


I'd like to delete my account because I don't need it anymore.



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Please delete my account - multiple hacking attempts

I joined two days ago, and there has already been 2 hacking attempts to log in to my account despite security. I've deleted all of the computers I had attached, but I am afraid someone will attempt to gain control of my account and use my account.


I've requested twice to have my account deleted, and I haven't had a single response.



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Re: Please delete my account - multiple hacking attempts



I have been using LogMeIn for years now and I've also been getting multiple failed login attempts..


geotracking the ip shows origin as Russia. 

I have 2 step verification, I'd really like to know if that is enough to prevent hacks...I do of course have hardware/software firewall, but they are hackers nonetheless... 

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Successful login attempt to your LogMeIn account from a new location originating from China.

Today I got this mail:


Event: Login successful from a new location.

We have identified a successful login attempt to your LogMeIn account from a new location originating from China.

LogMeIn ID:
Time of event: 7/31/2016, 18:00 UTC


To verify your account activity, please log in to your account, by clicking your LogMeIn ID in the upper-right corner, and select Account Settings >Security> Audit log

If this was not you, we recommend you reset your password now and turn on two-factor authentication. You can reset your password by logging in to your account.


Well, that wasn't me.


And today is 05/08/02016 - are you serious! Security breach detected and notice sent five days later?


Please delete my account, I dont use it anyway.



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Re: Successful login attempt to your LogMeIn account from a new location originating from China.

I received the same mail but from Thailand not China.

And it's weird cause I changed the password 5 days ago by a combination of 10 characters of symboles, upper and lower letters, digits etc... just after a failed attempt to connect to my account.

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Deleting account


I've been searching trough the forum and the contact page and the knowledge base... and I couldn't find nither a support email nor the way to COMPLETE REMOVE my account from your services.


I've been reciving some emails about people from other ways of the world trying to connect to my account and I'm tired of this; also I already have another account.


How can I compeletely remove the account so nobody can even try to login?




Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Deleting account

Hello @solhdeck,


Our support team will be happy to assist you with this request.  You can contact them by submitting a support case here.  Alternatively, send me a private message with your LogMeIn ID and we will create a case for you.


Thank you

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Re: Deleting account


I've been searching for this too. Why not just provide a delete option under the Manage Account function? So simple and would save your support staff needless work.


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Re: Deleting account

It depends. If we are talking about deleting data from phone device , it is so easy , but if we are talking about the Mac or computer ,the situation is different