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Need batch file to install logmein on multiple computers silently.

Hi Guys,


I was wondering is there any script to install Logmein through batch file silently.




New Contributor

Automate the install or autoanswer the wizard upon install? cmd file script?

We have an msi file we need to install on mutiple endpoints with out intervention.   I've got a script which accesses the msi file on network share successfully.  However I need this LogMeIn msi file to automatically answer the 'next' and any prompts in the install process, so the application can automatically be installed.  


Does anyone have an example or direction on how to set up the msi file this way?




New Contributor

Re: LogMeIn silent install batch parameters

I did this, and you end up with a .cmd file and .msi file correct? . . .   shouldn't i just be able to double-click the cmd file and have it install the msi file in the same directory without any further interaction? . .  (That's what I'm trying to do anyway)

New Contributor

Re: Automate the install or autoanswer the wizard upon install? cmd file script?

To perform a silent installation connected into your LMI account:




*Note: You will need to get the deployment ID from the "Deploy Installation Package" page of your LogMeIn Central account. This does NOT work on Windows 10 Build 1803, for that version of Windows, you cannot use any method of account auto-attach, instead download the generic installer from and a silent install can be performed with:


msiexec.exe /i LogMeIn.msi INSTALLMETHOD=5 FQDNDESC=1 /qb

New Contributor

I need to silent install my deployment and include my access code

I have found the post where in the past it was possible to install the logmein deployment msi file as a silent install and include the access code. I am not able to find anything newer on this topic. Is it possible to install the logmein msi file and include the access code with it? I am trying to install it as part of out image deployment, this will allow us to have one less step at the end.



Active Contributor

Re: I need to silent install my deployment and include my access code

Hello, yes it is possible just use this cmd line




LMIDescription is the name on how you wil find the computer in Central under computers list

LMIAccesscode is the computer code that will be used to access the computer when you try to connect, if you do nt add the LMIaccesscode then you will must use credentials of the remote pc

create deployment links and use them for the DELPLOYID


I hope it helps you I has been using this to install more than 10,000 LMI computers



Mario Aguado

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: How do I do a silent install, must I get the LogMeIn Central ?