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LMI Login and then Disconnected from remote Win7 64-bit then Switch On button, but never switches on

LogMeIn Pro when connecting to Win7 Pro 64-bit work Pc will login to Pc for 10 sec, then LMI screen to remote turns black, then can see remote screen for 2 sec, then turns black and then screen turns grey and says "Reconnecting or Cancel".  Reconnect never reconnects, and cancel closes grey LMI screen to my work Pc.  Back to the LMI Central panel where remote Computers are, and at the top of the screen is a red bar

"Your session has timed out or the host went offline during your connection attempt.   Refresh
Why does my computer show as offline?"     

Next to my work Pc is a button "Switch On", but clicking on the button never switches the Pc on, and only spinning circle and words "Switching on". 


The "only" way to connect to my work Pc is to have someone at work physically reboot it, and then I can connect.   THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!     I need to be able to connect to my work Pc at any hour to take care of problems.  This forces me to drive 35 miles into work to reboot my work Pc.  LMI FIX THIS!!!