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LMI issue with onsite wireless?

Recenly one of my clients expanded into a new space where extending the network cable drops was going to be a challenge. Given this, we setup this new area with ultra-fast wireless. I purchased a few Unifi nanoHD units and some high-end USB 3.0 adapters for the workstations in the new space. 


The wireless connection status shows 600+ mbps, and the usage appears to be OK while users are onsite. 


LogMeIN for remote access to these  has been difficult since the transition, however, and there is notable latency in the look & feel since the move.  They are connecting from that same remote machines using the same ISPs, so the only difference is that the target / onsite PCs are on the enhanced wireless .


Are there any known issues when LMI is connecting to remote machines running a local wireless connection?

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: LMI issue with onsite wireless?

@stefanzman  I use a wireless connection with several clients, and don't see too much of a difference on updated PCs.  Have you double checked the LAN for any latency by chance?

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Re: LMI issue with onsite wireless?

Yes, indeed. The LAN performs very consistently and is quite solid - both from wired and wireless clients. And the wireless-connected PCs in question work well when users are physically at the machine.  All the wired PCs are not having issues when staff connects from LMI remotely. The only outliers are the workstations that are on the LAN wireless and used remotely via LMI. And it is reproducible when / if rotate the PCs. We have tried everything.