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LogMeIn Hamachi not powering on, flashing "resolving" and then going "Offline"


Long time listener, first time caller.  We use LogMeIn Hamachi in our small studio to make a VPN for remote workers. One of us is operating Mac OS 10.15.6 and she used to be able to connect but now it just flashes "resolving" and then goes to "Offline" when we click on the power button. Using the icon in the upper tool bar does nothing. We have:

  • uninstalled completely and reinstalled several times
  • erased the computer from the networks it was in to start completely fresh
  • flushed the DNS cache on the laptop like suggested on this website

But nothing!

One thing, in the deployment page, the link I sent her to install with does not show that it has been deployed. The diagnostoc logs don't seem to have any recent dates in them (itself strange) and then the last time we tried to reinstall, TWO Logmein Icons showed up in the top tool bar!

Can anyone help us troubleshoot this?