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LogMeIn Not connecting to Mac with eGPU

We are having an issue connecting to a macmini running LogMeIn. The MacMini is connected to an eGPU, and when the external monitor is powered on it works as expected. However if we shut off the external monitor (leaving the macmini and eGPU turned on) we can no longer connect to the machine. It does show in the logmein client as avilable, however when trying to activate a control session, it will not work. Only way to get it to work is to have an external monitor physically powered on. Anyone else having this issue?

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Re: LogMeIn Not connecting to Mac with eGPU

@Innov8iveNY   Sorry, most LMI services use desktop screen capture technology that does not work if the computer stops sending images to the display.  In your case, this is exactly the behavior of the Mac Mini in your possession.  In order to use LMI remote access you would need to tell the HD to continue sending to the display, or simply keep a display connected and powered up to that device.