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New Contributor

Logging Out Locks The Guest Computer

Hi All,


So my problem relates to the computer I am logging into with LogMeIn.  We'll call this "Computer B" for reference.


Currently I am using Computer B to display information and play music in my associate rest area. I am having a problem however, because whenever Iog into Computer B remotely from my home computer (Computer A), it allows me to set things up the way I like.


When I close the connection between computers A & B, however, B will lock completely, so anything I have set up, immediately is halted by this process. Is there a way to log out without locking computer B?



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Logging Out Locks The Guest Computer

@DB29  For security reasons this is the default behavior when any client disconnects from an unattended device.  

New Contributor

Re: Logging Out Locks The Guest Computer

Hi, thanks for your reply. How do I change the settings so that it doesn't do that? Is there a way? Please advise.