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Logmein Pro Power Users Plan


First of all i'm sorry. It's might not the right topic but I couldn't find the right one.


We (my company) want to start a kind of home office programe for the employes and  it seems the only working solution is logmein.

First we want to try it with 4 person. The 4 person have to  be able access to their own computers (4 host-4 user).

It wasnt clear that if we buy the Power User pack means that 5 individually user can access to  their 5 host computer at the same time? 

Is this Power User plan connected to 1 logmein ID or 5 different?  Is there an administrator for the workgroup?

Is the account fixed to machines or can be a kind of floating licece. 

Thank you.




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Logmein Pro Power Users Plan

Hi Peter,

With that package you can assign the licenses to whomever you need to.  Each user can connect to their own PCs at any time.  The user logins can also be updated to different emails if needed.