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New Contributor

Logmein Pro on iMac Big Sur

Everytime the machine is booted up, the "start process" to install screen appears... Logmein works and everyting is selected but I can't get rid of this "start process screen"    -  well, I can get rid of by dismissing it... but it shouldn't restart the installer everytime I boot the computer....  I spent 12 hours hours today trying to get this work... I am done... I want my money back.....




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Logmein Pro on iMac Big Sur

@Timmyz  I apologize for the frustration.  Have you already tried re-installing the software by first saving the file from LogMeIn, then running the files as the operating system's Administrator? 


If you're not making any progress you may also call Customer Support at any time.