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New Feature Request: get-hotfix

I would like a feature on the Dashboard that provides me the output of the powershell get-hotfix command.  The Update History feature from LogMein Central page seems incomplete and at least difficult to navigate.  Thanks for considering my idea.

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: New Feature Request: get-hotfix

@darels  Thanks for the enhancement idea!


If there's anything else ouside of that powershell command, could you specify about what seems 'incomplete' or 'difficult' in navigating the History?

New Contributor

Re: New Feature Request: get-hotfix

Sure @AshC, the real problem I have with the Updates->History page is it seems to not be updated in real-time, and does not seem to have all of the updates that have been performed on the end points.  As an example, I was making sure the KB4511553 hotfix was applied to all my desktops across my enterprise, and many of the PCs did successfully apply the hotfix, but the report didn't show that so I had to go to each PC, start a command prompt and execute the PS command Get-Hotfix to make sure I was protected.  If there was a way to either force a refresh of that report, or have a freshness date on it, that could be helpful as well.


Does that make sense?