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Question about LogMeIn products

Hi all!


We are a small IT department (2 users) and we'd like to replace TeamViewer by LogMeIn.

However, we don't really understand how licences work: for instance, "Pro for Power Users" -> "Access up to 5 computers, $839.99/year". What does it mean? We can only install LogMeIn on 5 different computers or it means that we can initiate up 5 simultaneous connections?

Thank you for your help.


Info: We need to install LogMeIn on more than 250 computers. (but we just need to have 2 simultaneous connections, since we're 2 in our IT dept.)

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Question about LogMeIn products

Hi Sebastien, 

That pricing model means you can access up to 5 PCs from 5 different locations simultaneously.