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New Contributor

Remote Desktop Windows Login Ends on an Error

So I can sign into LMI on my work desktop and on my work laptop. I have only used LMI once before. This was during the initial setup/first try to verify functionality. I was able to login to my desktop remotely from my laptop.


This past weekend, however, I was trying to work from home. I started the LMI application on my laptop, started a remote session, and successfully connected to my desktop at work. When I entered in the Windows login information (which the username and password were correct. I verified on my desktop today), the application said that my login information was incorrect.


I am writing this from my desktop at work. I do know my username and password because I use it to sign in at work.  I also tried a remote session today from my laptop to my desktop (my laptop was right next to my desktop) and the app still said my login information was incorrect. I then tried from my phone to login in and do a remote session and I got the same error.


Does anybody have any advice? I have tried changing my settings on the desktop and nothing is working.


Thanks for the help.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Remote Desktop Windows Login Ends on an Error

@MilkedGoat   Have you already gone through a full re-install of the endpoint on the problem Host PC?