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Suspicious Email Stating "A New Security Update Has Been Released"

Recieved this email on 05/11/2020 @ 2:15pm.  Other than my email being correct, (I removed my email) it did not make sense.  The Red Flag is that the return email appears bogus.  All updates are installed when you open the client to use it. You are told an update exists and should you install it or wait.  I have never recived an email from LogMeIn for an update not can I find any documentation within LogMeIn for it.  I must conclude it is a fishing or trojan horse attack attempt. Anyone else get this?


LogMeln Auto-Mailer - <>

A security update as been released.  In order to improve the confidence of our customers on security of our services. LogMeln team has released today a new security update, The highlight of this security train represents the fix for a  zero-day vulnerability in both LogMeln Central and LogMeln Pro. To apply this update to your LogMeln ID , click this link:   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

If you fail to apply this update we will have to suspend your subcription in order to keep you safe.

Thank you.