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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Sync Clipboard works unreliably

Has anyone been able to contact Customer Support in order to get them the log files from the period you were attempting to synchronize clipboards?

New Contributor

Re: Sync Clipboard works unreliably

So, several years with this issue and it does not work reliably yet.


I experience this issue on a regular basis (and it seems I am not the only one), so I don't understand how it hasn't been able to replicate in a test environment.


For me the issue is that every now and then the clipboard sync stops working in one direction.


I can copy things from the client (local) to the host (remote), but I am unable to retrieve what I copied in the host (remote) to the client (local). (I am talking about simple text content, nothing fancy). Sometimes closing LogMeIn Client and reconnecting to the host machine resolves the issue but sometimes nothing I do seems to make it work again.


Hopefully LogMeIn can get to the bottom of this because it's really annoying.