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Active Contributor

access second seat

We added a second seat but it appreas we used the same email for it as for our primary account. How can we access the second account so we can change the login / primary email?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: access second seat

Hi there,

Have you already followed these instructions to add the new user?


  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account using your admin credentials.  The Computers page will be displayed.
  3. On the left menu, click Users > Manage. The Users page will be displayed.
  4. Click Invite.  The Invite users to access your computers page will be displayed.
  5. Enter the Email address of each user you want to invite.
  6. Click Send Invitation.  You can view the invitation email by clicking Preview Invitation Email.


Active Contributor

Re: access second seat

Will this action allow them to access our second account, or only our primary account? Only the one account / seat appears in the admin panel.