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New Contributor

iPad with Windows command prompt or power shell uses wrong quotes

When I use the iPad to connect to a Windows system and open a command prompt, the key sent for a quote ( " ) is not the same as a Windows quote.  It looks different and Windows does not recognize this as a quote.  There is no way to type a proper quote using the iPad.  I either need to use the on-screen keyboard, or start to type a directory name that has a space and hit the tab key.  Windows will automatically complete the path and include the proper quotes.  That quote character can then be copied to the clipboard and pasted where necessary.

Is there any way to fix this?


This is also a similar issue using ctrl and shift keys when remoting to a Windows virtual host and trying to use those keys while connected to a virtual machine.  The normal shif key does not work, but the shift key at the very top, that looks like an up arrow does.


Since this only happens in LogMeIn, there must be a keyboard mapping issue with the software.