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Access 3-monitor computer with a 2-monitor client computer

I am trying to access a computer remotely. The remote computer has 3 wide screen monitors, where the client computer has just 2 monitors and one of them is square. I used to use RDP and it worked seamlessly, automatically switching to a 2-monitor setup when I logged in remotely and then switching back to the original native 3-monitor setup when I got to the actual computer the next day. How do I get logmein to function in just this manner seamlessly?
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Re: Access 3-monitor computer with a 2-monitor client computer

Hi @pyeloyev, welcome to the community.


There are screen resolution options once you have connected to the computer. When both the client and host have multiple monitors, host-side monitors can be cloned "one-to-one" to the client. Screens are automatically cloned upon connection.



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