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Application updates - Google Chrome

Is Google Chrome browser still being one of the application that can be update through Logmein? Correct me if I'm looking at outdated Logmein support website.

I've user machine with old version of Chrome browser but it wasn't get any new update, even thought I've clicked "check for update" for many times. Work fine for Windows update but not for Chrome. 



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Re: Application updates - Google Chrome

@ABK5678  Do you know if the local Chrome browser settings there are set to automatic updates? 

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Re: Application updates - Google Chrome

yes, it is. Anyhow, we have machine still stay with old Chrome version for some reason but logmein console show no update except for Windows & other application (eg: Java, Winrar, etc). I wonder was it logmein agent no longer detect Chrome when new update is available?  

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Re: Application updates - Google Chrome

Hello team, 


I am wondering the same question. Why in LogMeIn Application, Chrome is not available to be updated ? What we can do to solve this issue knowning that there it is a lack of security :





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Re: Application updates - Google Chrome

Any news regarding this point ? We need to update chrome for 750 users after the CVE-2022-1096.


Thank you logmein to enable this option ASAP