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Can’t get full screen and poor resolution at home

Good morning.

I’ve just been set up to work from home.

My work computer has two of the older ‘square’ monitors connected by vga cables.

When I logon to use my home laptop (windows 10), I can use this as my main display and I’m using my TV as a wireless second monitor.

Whilst the dual monitor setup is working, the displays do not fit the full screen and the resolution is poor.

Is the only way around this to install widescreen monitors at my work pc? Or is there another workaround that’s simpler and at less cost?

I did see on another post about using a hdmi headless monitor emulator for situations where there are no monitors connected at host. This seems to enable you to select the screen size and resolution for your home set up. Does anyone have any experience with this as it would seem to be an acceptable and low cost solution.

I saw these on amazon, would this be what I need?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Re: Can’t get full screen and poor resolution at home

Think I might need to correct myself ....

Would it need to be a vga monitor emulator on my work pc? Like this

Then in theory I should be able to select whatever screen size and resolution I want on my home laptop and TV?

Thanks. Chris