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New Contributor

Control Panel for Mac must restart to show Dock

We're swapping out the Macs for a group of remote users.  We're purchased the new M1 Macbook Airs.

I installed LMI Control Panel on the system and it worked great here with me. I remoted into the system and all of the system preferences are set correctly.  I turned off the system and shipped it to the user. 


She receives the system and I click her system in my LMI Client list.  I'm able to log in to her computer, but all i see is the top Menu bar and her desktop wallpaper as if we didn't add LMI to the appropriate privacy settings. 

I had her exit the control panel and open it back up and VOILA it works again!  


Long story short, I was hoping it was just a fluke for that first time, but I had to remote in to assist her again (a week later) and we had to complete the same process.  


Looking for some suggestions on what I may be missing...