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Hamachi VPN compatibility with Starlink Satellite Internet ?

Hi All. We have a staff member using Starlink satellite internet and they cannot connect to the hamachi VPN using it. They have no problem tethering to mobile or other internet connections with that laptop using Hamichi but as soon it try and use start link as internet it will not connect.  So we have isolated the problem to the starlink connection - has anyone else had this experience? Does anyone know if there is a compatibility issue that cannot be overcome because of the nature of IP changes with satellite? Cheers

GoTo Manager

Hi @jmoztech, welcome to the community.


The Hamachi log files might provide a clue as to what is happening. This support article explains how to Enable diagnostic logging and this support article list the ports and protocols that Hamachi uses which may be blocked by Starlink.




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Did you get this working?  I'm having the same problem.